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A Viswaguru world record is a platform to recognize the achievements of an individual’s, organizations and team events. The world has diversified talents, and Viswaguru world records recognize the need to appreciate them for the advancement of society in the direction of creativity and innovation. We have few organizations who recognize the talents but their bandwidth is not sufficient to recognize all the talents across the globe. As a consequence, the recognition is awarded to only to a select few among a few nations. A whole wealth of talent from their nations remains unrecognized like undiscovered diamonds beneath the earth with an ambition to care diamonds and help them shine like the sun and show their greatness to the world. Viswaguru born in Telangana, the youngest state of India.

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Unique Skills, Culture, Tradition, Sports, Trades, Wonders, Science & Technology, Adventures, Literature, Agriculture, Mass participation, Archeology

Viswaguru has formulated the following age groups:
Age Group I : 0 to 1 year
Age Group II : 2 to 4 years
Age Group III : 5 to 6 year
Age Group IV : 7 to 10 years
Age Group V : 11 to 15 year
Age Group VI : 16 to 25 years
Age Group VII : 26 to 64 year
Age Group VIII : 64 to 100 years
Age Group IX : 100+

Before applying please go through the below mentioned basic requirements

It should be innovative
It should be measurable
It should be morale, Legal & ethical
It should be genuine or purely new attempt or breaking old record

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