A Viswaguru world record is a platform to recognize the achievements of an individual’s, organizations and team events. The world has diversified talents, and Viswaguru world records recognize the need to appreciate them for the advancement of society in the direction of creativity and innovation. We have few organizations who recognize the talents but their bandwidth is not sufficient to recognize all the talents across the globe. As a consequence, the recognition is awarded to only to a select few among a few nations. A whole wealth of talent from their nations remains unrecognized like undiscovered diamonds beneath the earth with an ambition to care diamonds and help them shine like the sun and show their greatness to the world. Viswaguru born in Telangana, the youngest state of India.

Viswa Guru World Records is a Private organization run by the young talented people with the passion of to bring out the hidden talented artists & introduce to the world. . A world record is usually the best global performance ever recorded and legally verified in a specific skill or sport. Viswaguru World Records has formulated for all the age groups. A Viswa Guru World Record should be, new, innovative, creative, measurable, extraordinary, amazing, easily verifiable in terms of legally, ethically, morally, useful for the society & it sets a good trend for global peace & freedom. Viswaguru World Records recognizes and provide certification to the new record makers & old record breakers. It organizes & exhibits to showcase anything which is unique, extraordinary & to set an example for the society from finalized record.

Viswa Guru World Records is a reference book which maintains database of records & it publishes on regular basis through world of online & print media, which covers all human achievements in all fields like Special Skills, Culture, Tradition, Sports, Totally unique, Trades, Wonders, Science & Technology, Adventures, Literature, Agriculture, Mass participation, Archeology. Viswa Guru World Record’s organization has a good team of authorized persons & high officials who have hand on experience & Excellency in evaluation & judgment to verify the authenticity of the records performed globally.


To encourage the hidden talent & make it known to the world.


Viswaguru established for encouraging unique talent and culture to bring into light, amazing facts from Indian and all over the world.

Recognize and provide certification to the records makers/record breakers.

Maintain database of records and to publish digital book of records online and printed edition;

Organize exhibits to showcase anything that is unique and extraordinary.


Unique Skills, Culture, Tradition, Sports, Trades, Wonders, Science & Technology, Adventures, Literature, Agriculture, Mass participation, Archeology

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